81st Avenue Artist


James Vang aka VAYOUNG is a 25 year old, singer/songwriter from Twin Cities, Minnesota. VAYOUNG was involved in music from a very early age and played various instruments such as the piano, acoustic guitar and drums..

As VAYOUNG entered high school, he started singing for talent shows and making covers on Youtube. In 2018, VAYOUNG developed the confidence to explore his musical talents a bit deeper and started songwriting so that he could share his message to the world. This lead to the release of VAYOUNG’s first debut single “For You & I”.

VAYOUNG’s style of sound can be explained but not limited to being smooth, melodic, emotional and heartfelt. The arrangements of his type of sound is heavily influenced by many different genres but mainly R&B and Hip Hop. Due to his unique sound, VAYOUNG has gained a small following from local supporters.

With each new release, VAYOUNG is creating a statement letting the world know that he’s here to claim his spot in the music industry.