Rich Brian's New Album
"The Sailor" is now available

By: Christian Yang
July 26, 2019

Indonesian star, Rich Brian debuts his new album "The Sailor" this week and calls it his most personal album yet.

The album features the likes of Bekon, RZA(Wu Tang Clan), and his good friend Joji.

On this album, Rich Brian brings in a whole different level of music to the stage. You'll hear him speak on the struggles of being Asian and not getting the credit he deserves even though he's done more than many other rappers. Brian displays his ablity to sing on tracks like "Yellow" and has a music video that speaks volumes to follow with it.

Overall, you can expect to see the growth of Rich Brian as an artist on this album. Rich Brian told Complex News last month,  "On this album, I am writing about things that are really, really personal to me,".  He also said that "I am just trying to be as vulnerable as possible. Production-wise, too, I’m collaborating a lot more versus me doing it all by myself. On this album, I’m learning to let things go a little bit, while not sacrificing my creative freedom."

You can listen to his new album The Sailor below.