Ali Wong Performed Up To Nine Times a Night When She Was 23

By: Christian Yang
August 12, 2019

Before Ali Wong was the Ali Wong we know of today, she worked endlessly to achieved what she has achieved. Sometimes Ali would even perform NINE times a night! Sheesh!

Wong was born in San Fransico, California and was the youngest child of four. She then discovered her passion for performing as a member of UCLA's LCC Theater Company.

After she graduated from college, Wong tried stand up comedy for the first time. She ended up enjoying it so much she moved to New York City to pursue comedy and performed up to nine times a night!

Wong's hard work paid off and she now has two Netfilx comedy specials, a Netfilx movie with Randall park, and many other TV showings under her belt. Wong is far from done and we can't wait to see what she puts out next!